Personal Website
After dedicating over 50 hours to self-teaching, enduring failures, and mastering the learning curve, I successfully created a website to display my individual capabilities. This journey has reinforced the belief that with determination, any goal is achievable. Having immersed myself in various coding languages and delved into multiple layers of processing, I take immense pride in quickly mastering a complex skill set that often challenges others for months.

Expansion Plan Project
My Expansion Project was a comprehensive plan aimed at determining where a television service company should direct its expansion efforts next. Following an extensive analysis of data provided by my professor, I was able to make conclusions based on the distance from the company's headquarters, the current market availability, and the potential for future market growth. These factors were instrumental in identifying the states where the company's services would likely be most successful. Ultimately, the insights gained from this project not only earned me an A in the class but also enhanced my ability to recognize key data points valuable for business expansion planning.

Investment Risk Managment Certification