Professional Development
Co-Founder | Firmon LLC. | Tampa, Florida
August 2023 – Present
A dream that erupted while in Florence, Italy, became a reality once back in the United States. In an effort to come up with ideas, I had a separate problem while working at the Tampa Yacht and Country Club. After working long banquets for highly respected people within the Tampa Bay area. It was extremely common for my tie to be getting in my way of doing my common duties. This included dragging across tables, food, and drinks. The result was unhappy members of the club and constant attention to my tie. In an effort to solve this problem, I decided to buy a set of tie bars. These tie bars ensured that my tie stayed against my dress shirt and would not impact the service that I was trying to deliver to the members of the club.

After the tie bars worked perfectly for what I needed them to do, I noticed that all but 2 of my managers did not have tie bars, and at that moment I recognized that I had an opportunity to capitalize on these needs within the hospitality industry. After market research, I recognized that nearly all of the tie bars sold on the internet are designed to be stylish and professional for common businessmen. My partner and I found a producer who could ensure quality materials that would last in a hospitality environment.

While my partner got to work on contacting and managing the supply chain side of the tie bars, I got to work on the managing, financing, and marketing of the product. I decided to create a limited liability corporation to make it a seamless process of not collecting any revenue from the business and use this opportunity to fund future investments for ourselves. Creating an LLC made it so that we would not get taxed but the corporation would. In return, I filed all of the paperwork to ensure that this would happen and created a bank account using our EIN number for all future transactions.

After all of this effort, unfortunately, my partner and I had to put the business on hold by the time the products came to us. People do not exaggerate the term “It takes money to make money” because we now have nearly 300 sets of quality tie bars with no money left to market our product.

My future marketing plan is to take place in August, when my partner and I will have had the summer to set aside funds to invest more money into Firmon, ensuring a proper marketing strategy to pursue the hospitality industry and to have it become a normal accessory to everyone’s uniform.

Banquet Server | Tampa Yacht and Country Club | Tampa, Florida
April 2023 – Present
Starting as a Banquet Server and now transitioning into a bartending role. TYCC has made a large impact on my professional career. I work for the elites of Tampa, considering that TYCC was ranked 10th out of all the Yacht Clubs in the United States in 2023, my responsibilities are very clear and strict. As a banquet server, I would work on all the levels of a banquet. From understanding diagrams for specific event layouts to understanding what napkin folds are expected at certain times of the day. The team and I ensured that every banquet was executed to the proper level.

In addition to work experience, I have grown as an individual with the Yacht Club through personal interactions with my managers, coworkers, and members of the club. In one day, I go from having a personal conversation with a coworker where we can joke and make fun of each other. Then the next moment I am serving the previous governor, Robert Martinez. Mastering the balance between professionalism and friendly rapport has been pivotal.

Outside of work, the yacht club has helped me stay consistent with my studies. Learning to be proactive because of the long hours that I work at the end of the week and into the weekends. Along with being proactive, it has also forced me to adapt other habits when balancing many things at one time.

Journeyman Assistant | Nelson Stark | Cincinnati, Ohio
Summer of 2022
As a Journeyman assistant, I was the assistant of a Journeyman plumber in Union 392 out of Cincinnati, Ohio. My duties were to do all forms of remodeling from demolition, understanding the blueprints, and transferring the virtual models into reality. I worked with all forms of plumbing from waste drains to medical gas work that is used through all medical procedures.

This was in building B of Children’s Hospital out of Cincinnati, Ohio. A remodeling of the building was over a 1.5-billion-dollar plan and its purpose was to house cancer patients and their families.

Area Manager | Lumio Solar | Tampa, Florida
December 2022 - May 2023
As an area manager when I worked door-to-door, I was given neighborhoods to scout and find potential clients for future solar installation. My duties consisted of identifying homes that meet the needs of solar. After identifying proper homes, I would pitch the homeowners what solar will do for them, in an effort to build repour with homeowners. After mentioning all of the benefits of solar, I would schedule an appointment with a sales representative. Using the data that I received from the homeowner, he would formulate a plan for the homeowner to reduce their electricity bill and save the homeowner money over the time they live in the house.

Laborer | Peake Contracting | Cincinnati, Ohio
Summers of 2020, 2021, 2022
I worked for Peake Contracting for 3 summers. I started off my first summer working under a carpenter but after he got COVID, I was given the opportunity to work for his boss. Working directly for my new boss, I was given a truck and multiple credit cards to go around Cincinnati and aid the other employees in whatever they needed. From demolition, delivering materials, and giving an extra pair of hands to anyone who needed it. Supporting myself through nearly 50 hours of work each week during high school and into my college years was a testament to my independence and work ethic.

Courtesy Clerk | Kroger | Cincinati, Ohio
January 2019 - March 2020
Working for the Kroger Corporation, my duties were very simple. As a Courtesy Clerk, I was to ensure there were enough carts in all of the bays for customers to use along with bagging. These tasks were very simple but were also the most important processes. The first and last impressions that customers have on a corporation will make or break if they would like to continue to do business with the corporation. That is why my position was a vital role for the Kroger Corporation.